The vision of Mabel G. Holmes is to create a community that cherishes all students and welcomes the opportunity to serve them intellectually, academically and socially. We are committed to providing a caring, challenging and culturally enriched environment that develops responsible, independent learners. In our efforts to accomplish this, we will cultivate the process of becoming life-long learners and will empower students and staff to collaborate in that process.

We at Mabel G. Holmes believe that it is the responsibility of our school community to prepare every student to be a self reliant, contributing member of the community, who has successfully completed a thorough and comprehensive education that allows them to make choices in their future. This is demonstrated by their attainment of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as measured by the New Jersey ASK asessments. In addition, our efforts are focused on maximizing student opportunities to meet performance standards using the highest levels of professional practices and strategies so that all students will reach high standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts literacy and mathematics. In order to accomplish these tasks, the Mabel G. Holmes community feels it is essential to provide a safe and healthy environment, which integrates the family, community and school. This shared support system encourages achievement and growth, as well as promotes the development of our children into positive members of society.

Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Eunice Y. Couselo
Imperial Plaza Buliding
505 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208


Anti-Bullying Specialist


No. 5

Cindy Lichteinstein (K-5)


No. 5

Darnella Boles (6-8)