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 Parent Survey Results

 The 2013-2014 survey results are in. Parents were asked to complete a survey about our school environment.  Questions were asked about the staff, school, curriculum , and communication.  The results are on the attached file.  The parents have replied that the teachers and staff at the school are its strengths.  Safety and communication are also strong points of the school. Together the families and staff of Antonia Pantoja School # 27 make the school the wonderful place it is for our students to learn and grow into successful productive citizens.




Report Card Narratives
New Jersey Department of Education

NO 27 Dr. Antonia Pantoja

Dr. Antonia Pantoja School is one of the newest educational facilities in the Elizabeth Public School District.  It is a state of the art facility boasting a rigorous curriculum that includes Everyday Mathematics, Algebra I for all eighth grade students, and research based reading programs for all grades in addition to history, geography, science, and performing arts.

The facility includes a media center with 30 computers, seminar rooms for small group instruction, study groups, and topical seminars, in addition to a full compliment of books and resources.  The two science labs include space for demonstrations, classroom instruction, and a preparation room. The music wing includes a vocal music room, instrumental music room, a MIDI Lab with 30 electronic piano keyboards, as well as sound proof practice rooms. The art studio is fully equipped with a kiln room for working with clay sculptures. Each classroom has six computers for student use as well as a teacher station and a SMART board for lesson presentation.

To maximize instruction there is an after school program to provide additional academic support and an after school visual and performing arts program.

The mission of Dr. Antonia Pantoja is to promote academic growth and exceed potential in an effort to meet our measurable goals which coincide with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, to create a safe and positive learning environment where faculty and students work collaboratively to instill the values of respect, responsibility, compassion, and fairness in everything they say and do, and to continue to work as a community of lifelong learners recognizing the cultural, social, and emotional diversity of all members of the Dr. Antonia Pantoja Family.

The district designed Alternate Whole School Reform Model, Excellent Educational Experiences (E3) in Elizabeth, has been fully implemented at Dr. Antonia Pantoja School No. 27.  Major components of this initiative include Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics and Social/Emotional Learning. The components of the model drive improved classroom instruction and increase student achievement by setting specific curricular expectations and accountability for all students and staff. Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics benchmarks are identified in the curriculum and measured at the end of each marking period using publisher and district developed assessments. Teacher/Instructional Coaches oversee the implementation of the Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics components of the program at our school. Coaches also provide individual assistance to teachers by helping them identify and implement goals for the improvement of instruction.

A major component of the school day for students in the first through third grades at Dr. Antonia Pantoja School No. 27 is the Early Literacy Program. Students receive a ninety minute daily block of time for uninterrupted Reading/Language Arts instruction and small group tutoring for at-risk students. A World Language Program is also in place for our students to learn a second language. Our English-as-a-Second Language/Bilingual Program provide support to students who qualify for services in mastering the English language. Our fifth grade youngsters participate in the DARE Program, a drug education program sponsored by the Elizabeth Police Department. Our FOSS Science program consists of hands-on scientific investigations.

The Merck Institute for Science Education is a three year program to provide Dr. Antonia Pantoja opportunities to build a highly effective school-based team. Our science team will develop a community of learners and engage their colleagues in improving science instructional practice. As a result, every classroom has a student science leader who is trained by the middle school instructors to assist.  

In a continued effort to support the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) component of E ³ in Elizabeth, both guidance counselors are readily available and work together to address the social and emotional needs of our students.  Throughout the year, both the guidance counselors visited all of the classrooms and conducted lessons that focused on conflict resolution, peer mediation, social and emotional well being that included home and family life, school environment, and decision making. 

A strong partnership exists between home and school.  Parents participate through the Dr. Antonia Pantoja Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), as well as individually, to enhance the education of our students.  The PTO has brought cultural arts assemblies and stimulating programs to our children.

  We believe in a high quality education for all of Dr. Antonia Pantoja's children and this belief embraces a philosophy of all children being able to learn at a high level.  Together with our students, our parents, and our teachers, we will make the difference needed in our students' educational, social, and emotional lives.  This difference will assist our students in becoming productive and contributing citizens. 

The entire Dr. Antonia Pantoja family is working together to provide all students with the best education possible so they may think, learn, achieve, and care.

Carlos M. Lucio, Principal

School No.27 Anti-Bullying Specialist
Aleina Cuza-Murray

Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Eunice Y. Couselo
Imperial Plaza Buliding
505 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

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